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The Lovers Lane website was one of the main reasons I was brought on board with the communications team. My manager had known that I knew how to code website and that I had done several freelance and hobby sites in the past, however, with the work load that we were expecting my manager wanted all my focus to be on the the upcoming projects. Instead of having me code the website and not being able to take on part of her workload she opted for me to hire company and play a big part in the art direction and general construction of the site from the ground up. From user interface to the back end content management system

I learned that the trickiest part was playing a balancing act between a functional site and a beautiful site. Not only that, but I had to make sure that the existing users would be able to navigate the site with ease and be able to find everything they were looking for fast and efficiently. At the same time, the previous site was criticized for being too “current member sided”, or in other words, new visitors to the site had a hard time navigating because the verbage and setup wasn’t friendly to those not familiar with the church and community. Although I had help coding and creating the physical site, the task of organizing the site map, figuring out which user interface would best suit our needs, and the needed functions were still all up for me to figure out.

Although it was one of the most challenging thing I’ve faced, it’s also one of the most rewarding.

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